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Open Text what!!!

Our thanks to a reader (who shall be nameless, but its pretty obvious where he works) for drawing our attention to this posting on the DaniWeb IT discussion blog which reckons there are only 5 tech companies in the world currently making serious money today. They are, in alphabetical order:
• Akamai (apparently they deliver content to MTV & similar interactive websites – no, still none-the-wiser)
• Amazon
• Apple
• Open Text

Yes, Open Text! But no Microsoft, no Google, no SAP. And certainly no LexisNexis nor IRIS.

You can find the full posting here

11 replies on “Open Text what!!!”

As the author of that article, I have to point out that you completely misrepresented what I wrote. What I wrote was that these are five examples of companies making money in spite of the economic conditions and I didn't have to search that hard to find them. While I appreciate the link, I would appreciate it more if you accurately depicted what I wrote.
Ron Miller

Lighten up dude – that's what the link is for, so people can read your article and draw their own conclusions.

I think this lies at the feet of an over-enthusastic Open Text sales person, happy to jump on a story if it is positive!

You should be pleased to have received a link at all. The article wasn't that good. What was the point of it?
Anybody could list five successful technology companies even in a recession. Listing successful banks – now that would be a challenge!

Year on year results up 14% despite the current climate. You can't really blame them for being enthusiastic.

It was a facetious comment (look it up under humour/humor.) I write a legal technology blog – not a general purpose tech blog – and Akamai (if you are going to post snotty comments at least try to master the spelling) has a zero impact on probably 99.999% of this blog's readership.

Isn't Akamai the green bean thing you get in bowls at Japanese restaurants…you know…the ones you don't eat the skin from?

Nobody told me I wasn't supposed to eat the skin until I had eaten several of them in a restaurant the other day.
It seemed a lot of effort for very little food.

Could an interpretation of this be that given the number of wins by Interwoven of OpenText legal customers that it emphasises the small percentage of revenue that legal contributes to OpenText's figures ?

You're really clutching at straws but lets entertain your theory by drawing comparison with Autonomy. So focused on the legal sector are they that they have completely neglected to mention it on their website.
Interwoven legal customers are about to become a small percentage of overall Autonomy operations, which puts them in exactly the same position as Open Text.

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