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Orange Legal extends its product range – and its color palette

Orange Legal Technologies, a provider of electronic discovery litigation, audit, and investigation services for law firms and corporations, has extended its product range – and its color palette – with the launch of its new PurpleBox In-Place Collection and Assessment Appliance. The PurpleBox can provide legal and IT professionals an affordable and robust tool for collecting and assessing ESI by allowing users to efficiently detect, identify, search, and report on newly considered and previously privileged ESI across multiple document repositories.

Delivered initially as a downloadable on-premise virtual appliance, the PurpleBox provides targeted functionality that allows legal and IT professionals to reduce ESI data sets into manageable sizes prior to costly and time intensive downstream ediscovery tasks such as analytics, processing and review.

“Collecting and assessing ESI in an affordable manner that comprehends not only newly considered ESI but also previously privileged ESI is a growing challenge for ediscovery professionals,” says Bret Laughlin, CEO & President of Orange Legal Technologies. “Whether used independently or as a front end complement to downstream ediscovery platforms, the PurpleBox helps reduce all ESI into manageable data sets prior to costly downstream eDiscovery tasks.”

The ESI Recycler capability of the PurpleBox also allows users to easily ingest and include assessments of previously privileged ESI during the initiation of new matters. This capability allows users to consider previously privileged attorney-client communications and work product without having to conduct additional time and cost consuming reviews.  PurpleBox will be generally available in the third quarter of 2011.