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Orange Rag editor delivering Australian keynote – he hopes

In what he hopes will not be a triumph of wishful thinking over technology experience, later this week Orange Rag editor Charles Christian will be delivering a keynote presentation at Chilli IQ's 5th Annual Lawtech Summit & Awards in Queensland, Australia.

His session is on Future-Tech – analysing possible future technologies and the role that IT, including disruptive technologies, will play in the legal workplace of the future. That's the good news and the session starts at 9:15 Queensland time on Friday 10th September. The bad news is the session will take place via a videoconference link, kicking off just after midnight UK time, and will involve a Skype session running across a satellite broadband link. Now he's off to tighten up the twine linking his cocoa tin to the BT phone network. No, sorry, that is the BT infrastructure in Norfolk.

The programme for the Lawtech Summit is attached.

4 replies on “Orange Rag editor delivering Australian keynote – he hopes”

Will you be recording the event for pubic consumption on the morning of the 10th (in the northern hemisphere)….

Fraid not – I shall be grateful if the vodeoconference link holds out – altho Chilli may be recording it

currently sitting in a session at the conference right now on cloud computing and Google taking over through cloud based google business apps for $50 per seat.
Interesting concept and looking forward to your sessions Charles.

Well, I think I would describe that as an interesting experience. Not quite as interesting as root canal work without anaesthetic but interesting all the same. And I'm pleased all my Skype stuff was either free or utilized kit I've already got as I Cannot Recommend A Purchase – CC

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