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Orange Rag editor visiting Australia

Orange Rag and Legal Technology Insider editor Charles Christian is visiting Australia at the end of this month to do a couple of seminars with DocsCorp and possibly something with the local ILTA chapter. He flies into Sydney on the morning of Monday 27 July – will be in Melbourne for part of 29th/30th – and departs mid-day Saturday 1st August. In between the jetlag, seminars and (hopefully) partying, he's available for meetings.

3 replies on “Orange Rag editor visiting Australia”

I'm not sure that I'm really understanding the post…
Third party “quoting of where you'll be” …
I think the Orange Rag is not Twitter.
Frankly I don't care where you are, as long as the content you post is worthy.

Certainly not; I just though it a little amusing that Charles was reporting about himself in the third person, when we all know who the editor of The Orange Rag is … Unless it's been ghost written for all these years; now that would be a story 🙂

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