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Orange Rag & Insider to start Twitter tweets

Legal Technology Insider and the Orange Rag today start a Twitter service that will be bringing you the latest news – and more – in the form of 140 character 'micro-blogs'. Reflecting the increasingly popular view* that Twitter is one of those technologies that seems pointless until you start using it, we will be using Twitter to 'tweet' on:
• the headlines of longer stories that will subsequently be published in the Insider or on this blog
• to draw attention to stories on other news services and/or provide hyperlinks to those stories (using TinyURL)
• to report on developments we may not subsequently report elsewhere – such as comments made at conferences
• and – reflecting the fact Web 2.0 technology is all about social networking – to add a more informal and human dimension to the communications matrix, including information on some of the other activities of Charles Christian and the Legal Technology Insider group.

There is now a formal link to Twitter available at the foot of the right-hand column of this blog – otherwise you can sign up to follow Insider editor Charles Christian on Twitter at

As to whether legal technology journalism is the new rock 'n' roll, well we'll just have to wait and see whether we get more people following @FourthEstate tweets than Kerrang!!! magazine.

* Another widely held view is that lawyers will never be able to use Twitter because they are congenitally incapable of expressing any idea or message within the constraints of a mere 140 characters.

One reply on “Orange Rag & Insider to start Twitter tweets”

I remain very sceptical that this has a business use but I am now stalking (sorry following) you.
Has twitter also been banned in a well known legal supplier.

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