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OrcaTec claims 93% saving on ediscovery

OrcaTec, creators of the OrcaTec Document Decisioning Suite, said today that the predictive coding that it has developed for its OrcaCategorize will help attorneys get to the relevant documents of a case more quickly, more accurately, and thus at a lower cost. The company says using OrcaCategorize’s predictive coding can save 93% on first-pass review – with measurably high accuracy.
“Predictive coding is one of the most statistically valid answers scientists have come up with for reliably identifying relevant documents from gigabytes, and even terabytes, of information. So we have been working hard to build unbeatable predictive coding into our OrcaTec Document Decisioning Suite,” said CTO & Chief Scientist for OrcaTec, Herbert L. Roitblat*, who developed OrcaCategorize and the OrcaTec Document Decisioning Suite.

“OrcaCategorize’s predictive coding is like panning for gold when you’ve taught the pan what gold looks like,” says Roitblat. “Instead of a hundred people being paid by the hour to spend months going one by one through millions of documents, OrcaCategorize means that one expert can generate even better answers in about a week,” said Roitblat. “We’re shrinking the size of the workload, which will let lawyers get back to making legal judgments and disposing of cases instead of being buried in mountains of data.”
US Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer wrote in 2007 of ediscovery: “If it really costs millions of dollars to do that, you’re going to drive out of the litigation system a lot of people who ought to be there.” OrcaTec’s predictive codingis changing this paradigm by allowing attorneys to get to the relevant documents quicker and more accurately than ever before.

“The cost implications of using OrcaCategorize are incredible,” adds Roitblat. “Especially when you consider that at a rate of 60 documents an hour, a terabyte would take about 125 years for one person to review. You don’t have to work hard before you even start reviewing in order to find examples of relevant documents,” Roitblat explained. “Instead, the computer randomly selects documents representative of the collection for your consideration.”
The output of the OrcaCategorize process is a first-pass review document set containing 85-95% responsive documents, conducted in a fraction of the time, with a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the effort ordinarily required for first-pass review. OrcaTec’s studies show 93% savings in time and cost, according to Roitblat. “We believe that with OrcaCategorize, we have predictive coding technology that is better than any other available anywhere. When a company uses OrcaCategorize’s predictive coding to do its first-pass review, it is making a substantially more appropriate allocation of its resources.”

The recently launched OrcaTec Document Decisioning Suite currently consists of three tools:
OrcaCategorize, which uses advanced predictive coding to cull responsive documents from huge collections in a timely and cost-effective manner.
OrcaSearch, which provides visual representations of concept searches, topic searches, and communication patterns, as well as word suggestions, misspelling suggestions, email threading, near-duplicate detection, and interesting phrases that the searcher may not have considered in order to find relevant documents.
OrcaCluster, which provides visual clustering of documents by related topic, enabling the searcher another way to identify and tag responsive and nonresponsive groups of documents quickly and easily.

* Herb Roitblat is one of the pioneers of concept searching in the US and was previously with DolphinSearch.

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I saw these guys at LegalTech and pointed several people at their stand. The consensus was that the technology was very impressive, though (at that point), rough around the edges and lacked the reporting and processing processes that other more mature products had. This announcement might go some way towards addressing those perceived deficiencies. Code was totally HTML5 compliant, so ran like a dream on an iPad. Main downside was the price, which was very expensive. However, I'm sure their sales people will be pointing out the time savings in expensive lawyer time as a cost/benefit justification. If I was an off-shore Lit Support vendor I'd be very worried by this and other similar products. As it is, if you were looking for a product to break into the UK market as a service offering, this could be one to go for.

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