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Outside PC World at midnight

Thanks to Brandon LeBlanc on TwitPic for sourcing this picture – and yes, this is the queue outside PC World on Tottenham Court Road in London waiting for the doors to open at midnight for the sale of Windows 7 – and saving £150 in the process…

6 replies on “Outside PC World at midnight”

I don't see what the fuss is about, I ordered it online & got it 3 days ago because of the postal strikes 🙂

You're only saying that to make those guys (yes, all men I see) feel miserable because they spent yesterday evening queuing in the rain. There again I did once meet a director of a now defunct legal software house whose CV included the claim that you could see him on a New at 10 TV bulletin waiting to buy a copy of Windows 95 – CC

I got it through MSDN in August!
and it only cost ~£2500 for the years subscription 😉

When I saw Christian tweet on people queing up at midnight I thought it was a joke 🙂 I've grown to quite like Vista, I don't see what the big rush is?

As my dear old dad – you used to run a shop at the seaside used to say “Nobody ever lost money betting on the gullibility of the general public.”

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