UK office and legal services supplier OyezStraker and e-submission experts have announced the signing of a strategic partnering agreement to help law firms with their E-submissions requirements.

From 1st November bar coded submissions of Stamp Duty Land Tax forms are no longer accepted by HMRC. As a result OyezStraker has integrated widely used system into its offering to cut down the time it takes make Stamp Duty Land Tax submissions. As well as faster submissions the system provides a host of benefits such as integration with case management systems.

Nick Hodges, Managing Director of Business Services for OyezStraker said “We are delighted to be working with to help our customers with their E-submissions. The current service will one of a number of new such services we will be developing together”

Archie Courage, Managing Director of said “Our systems have already enabled law firms to make over 150,000 Stamp Duty submissions, saving them a huge amount of time and improving their efficiency. Working with OyezStraker means we can reach a much larger client base very quickly, and provides greater resources for to develop additional E-submission services.”

* Comment: Given UK property prices even in the current recession (where you can spend £60k buying a single room wooden beach hut in Southwold) today's announcement of a one year extension of the zero-rate band for stamp duty from £125k to £175k is unlikely to make much of a dent on the Oyez/ business model. However you do have to wonder how much of a dent the Oyez/ alliance is going to make on the IRIS Laserforms business model?