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Oyez and form alliance

UK office and legal services supplier OyezStraker and e-submission experts have announced the signing of a strategic partnering agreement to help law firms with their E-submissions requirements.

From 1st November bar coded submissions of Stamp Duty Land Tax forms are no longer accepted by HMRC. As a result OyezStraker has integrated widely used system into its offering to cut down the time it takes make Stamp Duty Land Tax submissions. As well as faster submissions the system provides a host of benefits such as integration with case management systems.

Nick Hodges, Managing Director of Business Services for OyezStraker said “We are delighted to be working with to help our customers with their E-submissions. The current service will one of a number of new such services we will be developing together”

Archie Courage, Managing Director of said “Our systems have already enabled law firms to make over 150,000 Stamp Duty submissions, saving them a huge amount of time and improving their efficiency. Working with OyezStraker means we can reach a much larger client base very quickly, and provides greater resources for to develop additional E-submission services.”

* Comment: Given UK property prices even in the current recession (where you can spend £60k buying a single room wooden beach hut in Southwold) today's announcement of a one year extension of the zero-rate band for stamp duty from £125k to £175k is unlikely to make much of a dent on the Oyez/ business model. However you do have to wonder how much of a dent the Oyez/ alliance is going to make on the IRIS Laserforms business model?

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I'm forwarding this comment…
by Danny (commenter only) on Thu 04 Sep 2008 12:05 PM BST | IP:
I think the Oyez/ alliance has the potential to have big impact upon IRIS Laserform.
Despite IRIS touting its SDLT product as “new”, it is in fact still the same (major) version being sold into practices over a year ago and actually offers no meaningful integration with document/case management systems or IRIS' own Laserform product…
If Oyez/ can come up with something reasonably slick then it will be a success – certainly with those firms looking to install electronic forms for the first time or even with firms contemplating a move away from Oyez.

As regards the comment, a 'reasonably slick' integration; I am glad to say that we have exactly that and it is being used with various case management providers. The main characteristic of how ‘slick’ or not the integration is, is based on how far the CMS provider wants to take it. Select Legal for example, have taken it all the way, with some both clever and demanding ‘dialogue’ between Lawfusion and via a DLL that we provide.
Strangely this week both Legis and SOS have been in touch to get themselves on our approved Case Management Software (CMS) list, we look forward to working with their technical teams to get this sorted for them.
This leaves Aderant, Pilgrim and Conveyance Link out in the cold, yet we have shelter on offer. Generally speaking all other CMS providers are fully integrated, partly integrated or in the process of updating their software so they can integrate.
Unsurprisingly perhaps, Videss and Mountain have chosen not to respond to us, despite many of their clients asking “why can we not integrate” and wanting to use that functionality. On a quick count we have 23 Videss firms stuck in 'no mans land' and wanting an integrated solution. These firms do not use Laserforms or The pressure is on, since as of 1st November these firms will not be able to use the Oyez bar coded paper output alternative (as per HMRC who are going to ban the paper) which most currently use.
Maybe there will be a run on black ink ball point pens for manually completing the original HMRC 'Green and white' paper form?
Interestingly OPSIS (also within the IRIS group) are using and its integration rather successfully. OPSIS users seem pleased with what the OPSIS technical team have done. We would guess this is because the integration work was mainly completed prior to OPSIS joining the IRIS group.
Lastly, it is worth saying that we at welcome CMS providers and any suggestions or questions they have regards integration or anything to with SDLT in fact, so please just ask; 0845 65 26 855 Archie Courage, or see

Guess that last posting was by Archie – rather than Arlene – then.

It seems quite surprising that if a CMS provider like ourselves (Conveyance Link) are not using Mr Courage's SDLT submission application then we are being “left out in the cold” as he so eloquently puts it.
In truth we looked at his solution in depth and decided to integrate with Landscape Software who are specialist with submissions to the HMRC not just for SDLT but all submissions. We, as so many others felt their solution was not only slicker in performance but works seamlessly with ConveyanceLink and as such everyone using ConveyanceLink V8 is using the e-submission part of the application, and yes that is 100% usage. Couple this with our “pay as you convey ™ pricing model and low entry cost it’s not suppressing that law firms out in the cold with traditional software suppliers are coming into the warm and on board with ConveyanceLink (some 47 new firms this year to be precise)
Left out in the cold? I don’t think so For more information on ConveyanceLink visit

I think that “insert your company here” are great and is the best way forward with SDLT submission.
Is there anyone on this website that isn't giving a biased opinion?
PS please visit (hehe)

I did just as you suggested and went to their website.
There is a prominent item on the top right hand side saying (in bold letters) What Next?
I would have thought it was about time we had another product strategy. There hasn't been one for a few months.

Years ago I made myself unpopular with a Very Large legal publisher by pointing out that over a period of 4 years they had had more managing directors than CD-based product launches. Will IRIS become the first company in 12 months to have had more new strategy announcements that major new business wins?

It will be close.
On further study the website actuals answers the question “What next?”. The first option is “Find a Solution”.
I hadn't appreciated that Iris were using their own website to help managers make a decision.

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