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Peppermint adds two-way texting to the mix

Peppermint Technology has made available, yet another, channel for legal providers to sell and service prospects and clients. By enabling two-way text messaging Peppermint allows users to take advantage of one of the UK’s most popular communication channels.

With 91% of adults in the UK owning a mobile phone (Ofcom 2011) text messaging is a channel that few legal providers have yet to fully exploit. Texting from practice and case management systems to clients is not new but the Peppermint Platform takes this to a new level by receiving incoming text messages. Incoming text data can automatically trigger activities and outcomes without any human intervention. The incoming data can be added to the customer record therefore constantly building the profile of clients and prospects.

Peppermint say two-way messaging service is an effective channel for business development. Prospective clients could, for example, be invited to text a specific word to a memorable number. Upon receiving the text the Platform can automatically generate an activity or outcome, create a new opportunity in Platform or generate appropriate tasks to follow up the enquiry. One early Peppermint user is looking to use the service to allow clients to score the firm’s performance on matters from 1 to 5. A client’s response is captured real time, stored against the client record and instantly included in reports and dashboards. An alert, email or other action can be automatically generated for scores below a certain level to ensure issues are dealt with immediately.

Peppermint’s CEO Arlene Adams adds “The average UK mobile phone user sends 154 text messages each month (Ofcom, Q3 2011) making text messaging one of the most valuable business tools in market.  Two-way text integration from Peppermint enables legal providers to deliver instant and easy access to relevant services”

One reply on “Peppermint adds two-way texting to the mix”

I would have to question the analysis showing how the average phone user send 154 texts per month relates to potential customers as opposed to teenagers?

I would hazard a guess that if the usage data was analysed and segmented correctly, the average number of texts by those users likely to buy legal services would be considerably less and hence question the value of such as service.

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