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Peppermint invite you to a barbeque

Yes, we know, its a promo video but it helps explain why Peppermint Technology is causing such a buzz at the expense of more quote, unquote 'traditional' legal IT vendors. (BTW, if you think you have a better video, we'll happily air it for you.)

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Looks great but shouldn't the video have a health warning like the early iPhone ads? 'Some of these sequences have been sped up'!

Nice video. Can anyone xplain what this product actually is ? Is it a Practice Mgt System ?

Have heard a fair amount about them and decided to have a look on their site on the back of Charles' entry. No this isn't a Practice mgt system but sits on top of an existing one. There is another vid on their site which explains. Interestingly Peppermint have their own practice system coming out which is based on MS CRM 2011 and it looks like this is a replacement of the traditional PMS with CRM throughout… Can't deny this puts them on my “one to watch list”.

It's run by the person who ran IRIS into the ground so don't expect too much

Nice to see a vendor addressing the real issues and being brave enough to take a new approach to the legal market.

Thanks for the question. The video reflects the first service, Peppermint Portal, to be available on the new Peppermint Platform. Available now the Portal service can co-exist with a number of existing practice and case management systems. More details can be found at
For reference, we will launch the Legal Services Platform at the end of 2011. The Platform is a complete business and technical framework designed in partnership with legal firms. It comes with all the functionality you would expect from a practice and case management services but offers many more additional services. It is designed around a single customer view and is fully integrated to all Microsoft products. If you would like to find out more please email

Well obviously, Kebabs can't be properly cooked in 2 minutes …

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