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Peppermint Technology replies to blog comments

Following last week's story about Peppermint Technology (and the huge volume of comment it generated on this blog) the company's managing director Arlene Adams today issued this follow up statement…

Firstly, thanks for all your comments, well wishing emails and job application CVs posted via our website. I thought it may be helpful to answer a few points directly given Peppermint is still new to many people.
• Our solution is aimed at firms and legal service companies across the market. Initially the customers we have signed, and are currently working with us to build the platform, are of the 80-300 user size. We anticipate over time our offering reaching everyone in the market. Our business model,  of payment per user,  allows a firm of any size to take advantage of the platform. Our platform can be used out of the box or can highly customisable therefore supporting firms of any size and ambition.
• We have been working on development for almost a year, so we are well on our way to meeting our timescales set out. The platform benefits from the massive investment and testing Microsoft have already conducted. While Dynamics CRM 2011 is a new version the Dynamics CRM product is not new. It already has 400,000 users so there is no concern for “early adopters”. This version has been well tested and is scalable to 150,000 users (see attached link). This provides confidence our platform can scale across any size of firm. This is one of many reasons we consider the Peppermint approach to be the future of software development.
• Our first module is portal. There is more information available on our website. Peppermint didn’t select this module, our partner customers did. We have been working with a group of law firms for nearly a year and this was the first problem they wanted us to solve.  Our model for development is to work in a symbiotic relationship with our customers. Other modules are being developed in a similar way. We think this is what enables the best possible user experience.
• The LexisNexis announcement states they are developing on MS Dynamics AX, which is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) offering.  Peppermint are developing on MS Dynamics CRM 2011, a CRM offering. Peppermint Technology selected the CRM platform, over AX, because we believe the performance of a legal firm will be determined by their ability to recruit, manage and retain customers. Our partner customers made clear to us this was the most important business issue. The CRM platform, with seamless integration to other Microsoft products, also excels at delivering back office efficiency and automation.

… Arlene Adams