Regional law firm Mayo Wynne Baxter (a new entry at #180 on the Legal IT Insider chart – out later this week) has selected the Peppermint Platform from Peppermint Technology to consolidate the firm’s multiple software applications onto one single Platform. The Platform, which will act as the cornerstone for the firm’s growth strategy, will be rolled out to around 200 staff across six offices in Sussex.

The Peppermint Platform, the first legal Practice, Case and Document Management system built on the Microsoft Dynamics & SharePoint Platform, will replace the Advanced (IRIS) Legal Videss, Advanced (IRIS) Legal Mountain and Cognito practice management systems. The Peppermint Platform CRM services will also replace the firm’s Sugar CRM system. The firm will also benefit from adopting the Peppermint Document Management system, the Platform’s real time Reporting engine and the 24/7 Client Engagement tools. This single Platform approach will enable the firm to be far more agile in managing change, increasing operational efficiency, providing real time and transparent information and driving a client centric approach to all the firm’s activities. Our picture shows David Thorpe of Peppermint with MWB practice director Sue Gadd.

Sue Gadd David Thorpe

Sue Gadd, Practice Director at Mayo Wynne Baxter, commented “Maintaining multiple systems, that use different datasets, consumes massive effort and expense. It makes it difficult, if not impossible, to provide an accurate picture of our clients and how the firm is performing. By implementing Peppermint’s single legal software platform we can transform the role of technology from being a tool that supports the firm’s operation into a strategic weapon that will accelerate our competitive advantage and improve the bottom line.

“Peppermint has opened the opportunity for legal firms to take advantage of the Microsoft Dynamics Platform, with the billions invested in it, in a way that is tailored for the legal market.  Peppermint has delivered this technology just in time for forward thinking firms, such as Mayo Wynne Baxter, to respond to the changing legal services market. Our partnership with Peppermint allows us to build on a solid foundation for the years ahead.”