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Personal attacks

We're currently getting quite a few person attacks being posted in the comments section – in some instances abuse of a defamatory nature – upon certain individuals (including some who aren't around to defend themselves) – which is quite rich as all of the attacks are being made by anonymous individuals. So cut it out. (And no, this is not a plea on behalf of Orange Rag editor Charles Christian – he's big & mean enough to look after himself – besides, he has your IP addresses and knows where you live 😉

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This note raises a curious question. Has Mr. Christian ever revealed any information concerning the source of a comment (IP address, approximate location or any other relevant information privy only to himself as owner of the blog) to a third party – as one senior software executive, while in an inebriated state, recently claimed that he had done for him?

Most senior software executives are always inebriated, and considering the industry rarely listens to them when they are sober, why would we listen to them when they are not?
I would find it unlikely that CC would respond to this rather nasty little post (and nor should he). I'm bored at the moment, so I'll throw my two cents in.
The location of visitors is actually advertised on the site for anyone to see via the “Who's There” Feedjit application's functionality on the home page of The Orange Rag. Perhaps some inebriated senior software executive without any real knowledge of technology (that covers about 98% of them) was told about this and mistook it for some form of secret sauce that only they knew about!
On the issue of IP addresses of visitors – there is limited value in anyone getting their hands on this information as few would know what to do with it (particularly senior software executives). If they get it, then good luck to them, but I would doubt that any blog owner would place themselves at such risk.
And on the issue of IP addresses of those who post comments – why would anyone actually want to know this given that a majority of comment postings are from bitter software vendors or those who wish they had an industry profile (based on results at work rather than number of cheap pints sunk in cheap suits).

I would imagine not or he wouldn't have approved your post.
It might be a cunning bluff though. He has approved your post but any that say “Yes he told me” won't get approved!

Mr Christian? How formal – have we been watching the 1935 Charles Laughton/Clark Gable version of “Mutiny on the Bounty” ?
Really such paranoia.
I'm joking, of course I take advantage of my access to IP addresses to blackmail incautious commentators. That's why I have homes on four continents and spend my time commuting between them on my personal liveried De Havilland Tiger Moth.
And, yes, we did disclose the identity of one commenter who was being particularly irritating – thought he was a wit. He was half right. – CC

As a senior software executive I can confirm that I like a pint, however I drink in moderation (sort of), and I most certainly do not wear cheap suits. Charles this post is simply offensive, and we may withdraw our Advertising… 😉

and I most certainy do not drink cheap pints. You may have a point on the suits though.

I think we've just determined the next category of award at whatever the next industry 'gala' dinner is – “Cheapest Suit and Cheapest Pint Drinking Vendor of the Year”. Should be a close one, and no doubt more exciting than reading a little green book of narcissism.

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