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Personal injury claims specialist quadruples in size using Proclaim case management

An Eclipse Legal Systems Case Study

In 1997, Neil Hudgell (pictured below) set up his own specialist personal injury and medical negligence practice, dedicated to providing an expert and unrivalled service on a no-win, no-fee basis. Frustrated that larger practices didn’t share his ethos, he decided to go it alone with a commitment that clients, rather than pure profit, were at the centre of his business. Since that time the firm has increased in size four-fold and now employs a team of over 70 staff, all using Eclipse Proclaim to provide an unrivalled compensation claims service.

Why did you decide to implement a Case Management system?

As a priority, we were looking to regulate working practices across the firm. We recognised that with a high degree of standardisation, routine tasks could be carried out far more efficiently and cost effectively – particularly in areas of work where fixed costs apply.

We also sought the ability to analyse data more forensically in order to drive performance, identify key areas for improvement and to enable us to allocate resources for informed, targeted marketing campaigns. By doing so, we felt we could improve on our already high levels of customer care as well as gaining the ability to utilise our existing client base to secure further recommendations.

Why did you choose Proclaim and what benefits does it bring?

We needed a robust system with the flexibility to adapt and develop in line with the growth of our firm. Eclipse was widely known to be the market leading case management software provider and its Proclaim system came highly recommended.

Proclaim is shaped around our day-to-day business processes and fully supports our whole service offering. We position ourselves as a niche practice, committed to delivering a first class service. Whilst we do commit significant marketing resources to advertising, it remains that our biggest single source of business is word of mouth recommendation. Independent research in 2011 found that 9 out of 10 former clients would recommend us to their family and friends. This is largely due to our client care standards and the five service promises we offer to all clients.

We promise to:
•    See clients within 24 hours when they first contact us to make an appointment
•    Return telephone calls the same day if received by 3pm
•    Reply to emails the same day if received by 3pm
•    Reply to any letters clients send to us within 2 days
•    Write to clients every 4 weeks to update them on their case

Proclaim allows us to manage our entire caseload within a single centralised system, containing a principal store of approved letters and customised workflows. Many facets of case progression can be automated and routines can be created that ensure we stick to our service promises. The automatic generation of set tasks – off the back of each action or letter – provides fee earners with a clear action list for each day, as well as allowing any overdue tasks to be monitored by supervisors.

A major benefit of Proclaim is how it provides a ‘virtual contact’ with our business partners, increasing both speed and security.  All of our medical reports are obtained from UKIM, with instructions being sent via automated email from Proclaim.  We instruct Premex in the same way to provide triage services for appropriate claims.

Do you use Proclaim for management reporting facilities and statistics?

Reports are essential for providing transparency throughout the business. All managers can easily monitor the quality and mix of work to ensure it is carried out by the most appropriate fee earner. Nothing goes unnoticed and no files are ever closed without good reason. We monitor daily and weekly productivity across fee earners and can easily identify stand-out performers for career fast-tracking.

Marketing reports are generated daily and distributed to team managers to provide them with a comprehensive update on all incoming enquiries, including details on why they were either accepted or rejected. In addition, a weekly list of all closed files is circulated, detailing the settlement achieved on each one. Without Proclaim this would all have to be carried out manually, which would have huge time and cost implications.

What are your plans for the future?

The firm has grown considerably in just over three years, expanding from one to four offices – three based in Hull and one in Leeds. Through organic growth and strategic acquisition, we aim to double in size over the next 12 months. With the support of Proclaim, we are highly confident that we will achieve this goal. Proclaim is a fundamental tool and is vital for swift case progression, monitoring key statistics and strengthening client relationships.