iManage WorkSite is composed of multiple business critical components, often deployed within a large network. Ensuring optimal service levels is a difficult challenge. With years of experience managing and maintaining our customers’ systems, Phoenix has created a solution that brings key performance indicators into one central dashboard.

Phoenix Monitor is a tailored solution that provides full 360 degree coverage of WorkSite. It gives administrators insight into the various components and processes of their WorkSite environments, enabling them to identify potential issues before they impact end-users. It monitors all hardware and software and can notify administrators of anomalies or areas of concern that might otherwise lead to a problem. In our latest release, Monitor provides much deeper insight into the EFS (email filing service) and overall system usage; further developments will see stronger DLP (data leakage prevention) while also extending Monitor to other aspects of firms’ environments beyond WorkSite. Phoenix also offers a fully-integrated, 24×7 managed support service that can receive alerts and take proactive measures to protect customers’ environments for them.

Phoenix are hosting this webinar on Wednesday 28th May, register now by clicking here and find out about Monitor 2.0 and its latest enhancements, including enhanced EFS monitoring. Register now to avoid disappointment.