In today’s competitive markets, organisations are increasingly having to identify ways to increase productivity and efficiency, whilst at the same time maintaining increased revenues and profitability. The businesses that succeed will be those who become great at delivering applications effectively.

Join Phoenix and K2 on the 12th March for a lunchtime seminar at the offices of King Wood & Mallesons to learn how K2 Business Process Applications (the best of Forms, Workflow, Data, Mobility) can help you rapidly transform your business with applications that allocate work to the right people, with all the information they need to make great decisions. At the event we will demonstrate how a process such on-boarding can be streamlined using the K2 platform (a low code Business Application platform). We will also demonstrate how you can access and run these Business Applications (“Apps”) from your mobile devices.

Richard Sanderson, Technology General Manager of King & Wood Mallesons, will discuss the business challenges that KWM faced and the reason for choosing the K2 solution. He will also focus on the ROI and service delivery improvements they have garnered from using the K2 platform.

If you would like to attend this event please register by clicking on the following link.

Alternatively if your are unavailable to attend the event but would like further information or a demonstration of the technology, please contact