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Pilgrim celebrate all the 10s

We don't normally post legal IT news on Sunday however we are making an exception today  as Pilgrim Systems has chosen the 10th October 2010 – the 10th of the 10th of the 10th – to unveil LawSoft 10 – the new release of its flagship practice management system LawSoft. The new release features an interface refresh plus numerous enhancements and benefits for users.
Mike Wallace, Pilgrim’s product director said “The development of LawSoft 10 has been driven by feedback from various market sources and requests from our existing clients. There are enhancements to existing functionality and new tools to ensure the user experience is even more intuitive and beneficial.”
New features on LawSoft 10 include:
•         Matter Estimating, Quotation & Monitoring – this innovative tool enables users to estimate the amount of time it will take to complete a Matter, by setting it out in individual steps. The estimate can then be utilised to calculate highly transparent quotes for clients, which can be monitored continually as the Matter is progressed. Additionally, the module calculates profitability values for the firm and allows re-allocation of resource to help meet profit expectations.
•         User Interface – the web user interface has been refreshed to offer a more contemporary style and includes easy to use navigation panels and ribbons for the different portal areas of the PMS.
•         Document Management – the DMS module has been enhanced to provide content searching, a document preview pane and allow definition of dynamic personal document workspaces.
•         File Notes – using the document assembly functions, Time Recording has been enhanced to automatically create a file note from the time input screen and automatically save into the Document Management system thus streamlining processes.
•         Workflow Engine – workflow functionality has been enhanced to provide the user with intelligent guidance messages based on their experience in the process being executed.

Colin Kennedy, Pilgrim’s COO, adds “LawSoft 10 offers a wide range of new features designed to make life easier for our users. Our core aim as always is to ensure that our software aids clients to maximise efficiency and profitability and capitalise on business opportunities. LawSoft 10 is the most sophisticated fully integrated system available on the market”.

7 replies on “Pilgrim celebrate all the 10s”

This is a real shame as I thought I was going to read something really exciting but instead I am reading things that other software companies have already. Please give me something new for a change and not a constant 'catch up' with software!

If only those other software companies had the amount of new business coming through their doors as Pilgrim seem to be experiencing……there you go, something “new”. Another new client. Next please!

You and I both know that there are a few legal software companies making a killing at the moment and indeed for the past 18 months or so, however what you have to realise is that the fallout will dry up one day and then what? Will you be able to sell your 'catch up' software at such a rate? I somehow doubt it and the only software companies that will survive will be the ones who are ahead of the game now. Those who constantly improve and add to their software, not the ones who follow the game. Good luck though, it will be most interesting.

I agree with this guy. A small UI refresh, auto file notes into a dms from time recording and tool tips in workflow is hardly ground breaking stuff. The dms changes sound fairly neat but is not exactly bleeding edge stuff now is it. That said I can't exactly see some of the bigger players and we all know who they are stopping bleeding customers for quite some time.

I am afraid I cannot garnish you with that information it would be down hill from there on in.

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