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Pilgrim in Axxia swap-out

London law firm Underwood & Co has selected LawSoft from Pilgrim Systems as its next generation practice management system. As well as migrating from its existing LexisNexis Axxia accounts system, the firm has also opted to retire its Hummingbird DocsOpen software to get the benefits of LawSoft’s integrated DMS capability.

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It's suprising they didn't look at Axxia DNA and take up the upgrade path Axxia is offering. I understand Axxia DNA has some DMS functionality but I guess DNA being a new product it maybe lacking some functionality other similar products may have.

Charles, isn't that rather presumptuous and an exaggerated assumption? I think it should read:
Yes folks, there is an Axxia fan out there.
We wish him/her well and a speedy recovery.

As the salesperson at Pilgrim who worked on this deal I can confirm that Underwood & Co did indeed look at DNA and decided that it wasn't able to match the level of functionality that LawSoft will provide them with.

I have heard it said that DNA doesn't match the level of functionality of a Kalamazoo Carbon Copy system for accounting, and a paperclip for doc. man.

OK, Reality check! To my knowledge (and I've been asking) there is not one DNA customer (out of the handful) who will stand up and give the product a decent reference. And there is not one customer that is using the software in any serious way. Lexis should have kept well clear. Didn't they know about the reputation of Axxia before they forked out their millions?

Er no they didn't. The amount of due diligence could probably be described as woeful. The person responsible has allegedly left 'quietly' and therefore internal view has switched from best acquisition ever to make in PMS market to 'why and earth'.
Frankly they would have done better to take to look at 24 months of the LTI news and add up losses/wins even that would have been better than the DD carried out prior to.
At least with VisualFiles they bought a decent company but
talking of masterful acquisitions management when did you last see a press releases for a VisualFiles new business win? Could that possibly have anything to do with not having any of the people around anymore who made it such a success?

Visualfiles is stilling doing well and winning business, just because there are no announcements that does not mean they have not been winning business. Visualfiles is mature, powerful product and strategy for Visualfiles has changed it is no longer just aimed at legal market.
Yes they lost a lot of great people but that happens with any business, put it this way you would rather be working for LexisNexis then Iris. LexisNexis is not perfect and has many flaws but better then Iris. Don’t get wrong I am not a fan of LexisNexis either they have too many managers who are too far up their own *****.
As for Axxia it was bad move from LexisNexis but from their point of view they invested in a long term goal which is to aim Axxia DNA at mid level law firms, Visualfiles Streamline (Manila) at larger law firms and Visualfiles both at legal and non legal market.

Things are a mess. You have these legal software vendors who all came about in the 80s. Their owners/founders then are all at an age when they want out hence the recent flurry of acquisitions (look out, Pilgrim must be next when you look at the age of their founder). Problem is who to sell to? You can clearly see that the booksellers (Thomson and LN) don't have a clue about software and thought it would be easy. Well it is–to screw up, versus the so called software companies like Iris who know damn all about the legal vertical and couldn't string a strategy together to save their lives.
It's really hard to see ahead and predict, but it would be oh so refreshing to see a new band of private companies develop some interesting products and show this mess what can be done with talent and enthusiasm. Unfortunately market entry costs are such that I can't see this happening.
RIP legal software.

Well you could aways look at Norwel. They may not be making much noise, but the product looks good from what we have seen. Beats what Iris are offering us.

Actually I know that there is at least one site using it live now, pretty much to it's full capability. I took a reference from them not that long ago.

I was tempted to say “sh*t, as many as that” until it occurred to me that Thomson are probably sitting there with envy.

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