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Pilgrim LawSoft win LexisNexis Axxia swapout from Linder Myers

Linder Myers has signed contracts to implement a 200 user LawSoft 10 system from Pilgrim Systems. Peter Jones, who joined the firm as Head of IT having previously worked for Walker Smith Way and Chris Hawley, the new Finance Director (previously at Kemp Little) had both  implemented LawSoft in their previous roles. After experiencing the existing technology (LexisNexis Axxia) at Linder Myers, both recommended that new infrastructure and a new consolidated PMS had to be implemented to support the firm’s objectives. After assessing the market place, they firm decided relatively quickly to select Pilgrim’s LawSoft 10.

Jones said “I wanted to make sure I wasn’t just selecting LawSoft because I personally was comfortable with it. I had to make sure it was still the best in class system and that it was right for my new firm. I was heartened to see that Pilgrim has continued to invest in their software and am looking forward to working with a team I know well during the project and beyond.” Hawley added “I already had a great relationship with Pilgrim through my experiences at Kemp Little but both Peter and I had to be objective when making this selection. It was an easy decision. There is nothing out there that touches LawSoft 10 and the Pilgrim team are a great bunch of people to work with.”

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Can you please confirm – are they swapping out Axxia or VisualFiles?

The announcement only talks about the financial/practice management system side of the business so it looks like Axxia only but as for the future…

We currently have more than one PMS system (due to acquisitions and mergers over the past few years). Our core accounting system is Axxia Arista. We also run to greater or lesser degrees Proclaim, DPS, and Mountain.
Case Management Systems – we currently use Axxia FED and some Proclaim.

I would imagine everything will go over to Pilgrim LawSoft….one DB, one vendor etc etc.

So another Axxia site bites the dust. Seems strange that Firms are jumping now if Lexis's Microsoft Dynamics solution is coming? Probably because most mid-range firms don't want a big ERP system – much happier with a purpose-built legal solution like Pilgrim or SOS. Let's not forget that most law firms are really quite small businesses so ERP looks very heavy handed and complex to them. You only have to look at the number of Pilgrim wins recently to see the market's feelings.

That's a wonderful sweeping generalisation! It sounds like you're suggesting that small firms want something simple and have no need to worry about anything that might support their HR needs or business development requirements? Maybe Linda Myers couldn't wait – sounds like they needed to consolidate sooner rather than later. When and if Dynamics arrives it will be interesting to see if your limited point is still valid. No doubt Novell and Word Perfect had the same views in the not too distant past!

Generalisation yes, but probably also very true for a large number of small and medium firms. Most would look for niche/specialist products that fulfil particular needs. A wider ERP solution is very much a gamble for these firms and would involve considerable change management. Also Dynamics solutions need to be delivered in small bite size modules, such as the Peppermint deployment options, rather than big bang – the later requires a lot of in-house developers (or vendor services) to support all the necesary twists and turns of an organisations unique requirements.
I think Pilgrim and SOS should make hay whilst the sun shines [whilst the competition is re-structuring] and would love to see what impact Peppermint can make (as LN will undoubtedly follow a similar model)

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