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Pilgrim pulls off two more IRIS swapouts

Pilgrim Systems has signed two further new PMS deals. Curtis Davis Garrard in Uxbridge and Thames Valley real estate specialists BrookStreet des Roches LLP of Milton Park, Abingdon are the 16th and 17th new Pilgrim clients of the year. Pilgrim reports that they expect to finish the year with 18 new customers and are just agreeing the finer points of the associated contract.

Curtis Davis Garrard (CDG) differs from the usual LawSoft user. CDG are a 30 user boutique practice specialising in the shipbuilding and offshore oil & gas sectors. The firm is replacing its IRIS AIM Evolution system. CDG was prepared to invest in a system that is normally used by larger practices because it can see the real benefits it will derive from a progressive system that will grow with them as the partners develop the firm. Daniel Callaghan the firm’s Head of IT comments, “LawSoft was by far and away the most advanced system we looked at and had a price tag to match but we focussed on return on investment, and are confident that we will reap significant benefits from using the system in all areas of our business.”

BrookStreet des Roches is a 75 people commercial real estate practice replacing an IRIS Videss system. After having ruled out IRIS the firm narrowed down its potential list of suppliers to Pilgrim and one other, eventually opting for Pilgrim’s LawSoft. Joe Hughes the firm’s Practice Manager stated, “We like the breadth of the LawSoft product and take comfort from the fact the system uses Microsoft technology in all its layers.”

Colin Kennedy Pilgrim’s COO added “Our pipeline for 2011 is looking even stronger than it did at the beginning of this year and already we are at the preferred supplier stage with a number of firms. We very much believe that we will sustain our current rate of growth next year.”

8 replies on “Pilgrim pulls off two more IRIS swapouts”

Maybe this is why salesman Andy Hawley has now decided to join Pilgrim after 15 years with Iris Videss

They are going to need to double their staff to keep up with this work which I doubt will be the case. I just wonder who will suffer in the long term as this is a small company in terms of staffing numbers.

On a par with Elite and Aderant in the UK. 60 + people. Recruitment shouldn't be a big problem for them in this climate.

Doh…. Aderant and Elite's products are developed in the USA so UK headcount is just sales/support/service. Pilgrim's numbers include developers too, so their business has to be under strain right now as they have not apparently ramped up their staff significantly.

Wheras IRIS seem intent on cutting the backbone of passion, commercial intelligence and talent from their team by allowing the best to leave. Two VERY notable departures last month and half a dozen in the last year.

As Aamir was a PROGRESS man they probably didn't need him anymore as Iris Law Enterprise (Progress based) seems to be being pushed to one side with the main thrust and the largest development team now concentrating on the Iris Law Business suite (SQL).

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