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Pilgrim say goodbye to Legal IT show

Pilgrim Systems this morning announced it has decided not to exhibit at the 2010 Legal IT Show in Islington. Normally a stalwart at this event, Pilgrim believes these types of trade shows have run their course and there are a number of other more effective methods of spending marketing budget to attract new customers in what is an ever changing profession.
Pilgrim’s COO Colin Kennedy said, “We believe that IT decision makers in law firms have excellent market knowledge and share it very effectively with their peers. It is not as if they select a short list of suppliers from the quality of their respective stands at exhibitions. Decision makers know a fair bit about the serious players that are out there. They know all about the changes that are taking place in the legal technology marketplace. Trade shows in our view are no longer an effective use of either the purchasers’ or the vendors’ time in what is now a very mature sector. We intend to spend our marketing budget on smaller, more intimate get-togethers, which allow for serious discussion and idea sharing between innovative, thought provoking people with a passion for change. We wish the event management sector the best of luck in the future, but would urge them to change with the times and evolve their offerings to more suit the needs of the profession.”

Comment: We're only surprised it has taken this long for vendors like Pilgrim to drop out – we could not attend the 2009 show earlier this year – and apart from the rip-off priced catering, we missed nothing. Given the show has now been transferred to yet another team within the Informa group – who appear to be even more unfamiliar with the legal IT market than last year's lot – it looks like the Legal IT show has now become an eminently missable legacy event, only of interest to small firm CPD collectors.

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Bring back the BARBICAN, three day marathon, lots of socialising, networking and sales, a real “buzz and humm”, those were the days, if you live your life inside your Blackberry its just not the same !

eh lad those were the days.
none of these silly pc thingys, proper computers with terminals a choice of green or orange. Margins on the sale of hardware and software you can only dream about today, and lots of people with more money than sense.
Plus you could get hammered on monday/tuesday and wednesday nights……..
Mind you the attendess on thursday did not get the best from the staff on the stands.

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