Is Pilgrim LawSoft set to become the preferred choice for firms wanting to replace their legacy AIM systems? Lanyon Bowdler is a firm that employs around 180 people with offices in Shrewsbury, Telford, Wellington and Ludlow. It has plans to expand in the very near future and as part of its growth strategy has decided to select a new integrated practice, case, document and marketing management system, namely Pilgrim LawSoft. The firm is moving from its IRIS AIM system after assessing a number of different suppliers and products.
Assisted by Peter Owen of Lights-On Consulting, the firm attached a significant level of importance in the suitability of the software for their business model, together with “the ability to develop a long lasting stable relationship with a supplier who is committed to the legal technology market”.
The firm’s Finance & IT Director Dave Grattage, who was previously the AIM Computer Users Association (ACUA) chairman, said “It became clear during the exhaustive selection process that LawSoft is the most comprehensive and well thought out system of its type. Pilgrim also demonstrated a clear desire to actively work with clients in moulding the future product roadmap which was very refreshing and was an important factor in our decision. We have now started the project and it is going well. We expect to reap a number of benefits from using the system and we feel LawSoft will play a key role in driving our business forward.”