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Pilgrim win another AIM swapout

HC Solicitors, a 100-people firm based in Peterborough, has selected Pilgrim Lawsoft to replace its legacy IRIS AIM Evolution system. LawSoft will provide a single, integrated solution across their accounts, time capture & billing, case management, document management and customer relationship management.

Although long-time AIM users, the firm were looking for a complete solution from a single technology and a trusted supplier. After a rigorous selection process, they decided that the combination of Pilgrim and LawSoft offered excellent technology, proven expertise and demonstrated a long-term commitment to the legal profession. Lynne Ayres, HC’s managing director said: “Pilgrim demonstrated a clear willingness to work with us to meet our requirements and LawSoft offered the functionality and flexibility that we were looking for. As the LawSoft platform has been tried and tested by other comparable law firms, we felt that it would provide a stable IT platform on which to develop the business”.