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PISCES and OSCRE complete merger

The e-conveyancing standards groups PISCES and OSCRE Americas have completed their merger – and ahead of schedule. Retaining the name Open Standards Consortium For Real Estate (OSCRE), and their not for profit status, the organisation says it can now 'fully realise the vision of maximising value in the real estate industry through open interoperability among real estate information systems; an effort founded on common business interests and internationally accepted information technology standards'.

Drawing on the past experience of the PISCES and OSCRE Americas, OSCRE will be governed by a nine-person Board, supported by Strategic Advisory Groups led by principle Executive Members to align OSCRE to critical industry issues within and across real estate business domains. Over the next few weeks OSCRE will be making a series of announcements, including introducing a new Board of Directors, announcing re-aligned staff positions, priorities and 'exciting initiatives to support improved exchange of data for our industry'.