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PISCES publish two new standards

PISCES yesterday published two new standards…
• Lease Delivery Standard Version 2.0
• Portfolio Information Exchange (PIE) – opens for member review until 22 December
Lease Delivery: Based around the exchange of data between a Legal Advisor and their Client or Client’s Agent this version incorporates changes submitted, since the release of Standard Version 1.0, as well as the Lease Summary Standard (previously a different Standard). PISCES now welcomes Members and Non-Members to adopt Version 2.0 and apply for Compliance. For PISCES Members only there is free technical and implementation advice available. To download this standard follow this link
PIE (Member Review opened until 22nd December 2008): This Standard is aimed at the transfer of core portfolio data between different property management systems. Following release of Standard Version 1.0 (February 2008) a number of changes were submitted. This version now incorporates all the changes received as well as re-use of the Lease Component (from the Lease Delivery Standard Version 2.0). Opened only to PISCES Member organisations the purpose of this Review is to approve the changes made, before Version 2.0 can be published. To download this standard follow this link