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Plan-Net + Davenport Lyons talking about outsourcing

IT Service provider Plan-Net has issued a case study on the work carried out for law firm Davenport Lyons. Thanks to the IT transformation work and outsourcing partnership, Davenport Lyons can now rely on a future-proof, secure and efficient IT Service with truly 24/7/365 availability. As a result of the successful outcome of this project, Davenport Lyons and Plan-Net are presenting the case study at the National Outsourcing Association 25th Anniversary & Conference on Thursday 28th June (London).

The collaboration started as Davenport Lyons had become aware of a number of issues affecting its IT function, such as an ageing and inflexible IT infrastructure; over reliance on internally written IT systems; and an IT Support function which did not sufficiently align with business needs. Plan-Net managed to create a fully compliant and secure environment, with future-proof infrastructure and a robust business continuity plan in place. In order to align IT to the needs of the business, Plan-Net provides support on a 24/7/365 basis by combining onsite support during extended business hours with an out-of-hours service provided from Plan-Net’s London-based, legal-dedicated 24/7/365 shared Service Desk.

Dawn McEwen, Governing Board Member, Davenport Lyons commented: “Our IT service and capabilities have been significantly improved.  I’m 100% convinced we made the right decision.”

Andrew Priest, Partner at Davenport Lyons, and David Tuck, Principal Consultant at Plan-Net, are joint speakers at the NOA event that will be held at the London Film Museum between 8.30am -10pm.

You can read the Davenport Lyons case study HERE.