Thomson Reuters Elite has launched 3E 2.9.1., where one of the key updates is enhanced eBillingHub integration. The integration now allows users to submit a proforma directly from 3E to eBillingHub to validate and correct errors before submitting the final invoice. In addition, a number of key time entry feature enhancements will help make time entry quick and efficient while providing users more control over their daily experience.

Another enhancement includes the Firm Field Configuration process which will eliminate the need to customize 3E using the integrated development environment. Instead, users can add new fields directly through the 3E user interface, reducing the time, cost, and effort needed for a basic configuration change. Additional updates include fixed fee bundles, a more streamlined 3E Paperless Proforma process, and improved out-of-the box stock templates which add configurability to 3E Templates.

Earlier this month Aderant announced updated to iTimekeep in its latest release, in which iTimekeep is now embedded within Microsoft Outlook.

Research has shown that 40% of workers’ time is spent checking and working on email. Lawyers typically spend most of their time using email as well as calendar, documents, and tracking time. The increased volume of email sent and received by lawyers today, coupled with clients’ scrutiny of invoices for compliance, have caused attorneys to procrastinate and delay entering time – time that might not even be accurate or compliant. Since 99% of law firms use Outlook for email, the iTimekeep integration is a natural progression as users will now be able to convert email and calendar events into compliant timecards, minimizing the effort required to track time, while increasing accurate, billable time capture. iTimekeep for Outlook works on both mobile and desktop, further enabling lawyers to work whenever and wherever they are.

“At iTimekeep, we believe timekeeping should be easy, accurate, and it should work the way lawyers work – anywhere they are and from any application they are utilizing,” said Marie Burgess, senior director of product management. “We created iTimekeep for Outlook to help law firms avoid procrastination, reduce revenue leakage and ensure time entered is always in compliance with the client’s guidelines.”

Aderant acquired iTimekeep at the end of last year as part of its acquisition of Bellefield Systems.