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Post-Insider News Round-up

Here's a quick round-up of news and comment following on from the March issue of the Insider newsletter…

• Mike Walker of FWBS has added this comment on our story about the world of Microsoft + Custom XML… “Custom XML is used in extensive markup applications to integrate data and was changed in more recent releases of Visual Studio Tools for Office to use Content Controls. Additionally the affect of the actions by I4I are currently only impacting the USA. Outside of the US, Microsoft have options to allow people to still use this specific feature albeit there are things that can be done to minimize the impact. Additionally Office 2010 I believe is still on track as this feature that is in dispute has since Beta not included this feature in the box and people looking to transform and use this feature would have the same impact as using the updated release of Word since January.”

• Mike Whitfield of comments that IRIS are not the only vendor to score a high percentage success rate for their e-SDLT submissions in the econveyancing field. While IRIS Laserform scored 99.2%, HMRC's own service scored a 97.7% success rate on a sample of 49,100 submissions. For the record, scored 95.8% – again well above the 87.9% average scored by third-party suppliers.

• Phoenix Business Solutions now have a series of videos available on their website to demonstrate new features in the latest release of the DTE Axiom time recording and time capture system. Here is the link…