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Postscript on technology conferences

We've had plenty of stories in recent weeks about the stream of new events being launched by conference organizers who appear unaware there is a recession on – or that IT vendors do not have a bottomless marketing budget. The reality is reflected in a conversation we had at the end of last week with a large and successful US-based software vendor who reported they would be cutting the number of staff they had attending this August's ILTA annual conference by 40% to save on travel and accommodation costs.

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Charles Christian adds: Just had a long conversation with a UK events organiser who tried to blag (well actually they resorted to a few porkies) a 20% cut in our ad rates on the grounds that their marketing budget was frozen so they thought we should share their pain. We pointed out that as there were so many unhappy faces at their last year's event and that even hot events like ILTA look like having attendances down by 40% this year, rather than freezing their marketing & promo spend, they should actualy be increasing it. Oh, and yes, we've increased our ad rates.

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