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PowerSearch Software Version 4.2 Released

PowerSearch Software Version 4.2 Released

PowerSearch Software, a leading developer of affordable and accessible search technologies, today announced that the latest version of its product is available and includes:

* File Header Reader – With the file header reading capability, PowerSearch identifies and indexes files even when they have been renamed, providing a more comprehensive index for searching and locating files.
* Additional Archive Extraction – PowerSearch has added additional support for email repositories giving the tool the ability to extract additional email archives.
* Enhanced Processing Automation – PowerSearch has automated the processing tab enabling users to do individual extractions or run all the processes in an automated format from beginning to end, vastly improving productivity.
* Metadata Export Utility – The user can now export all the metadata associated with any file that has been exported as part of a search set through PowerSearch providing all the necessary data to be loaded into a review platform for further review.

“We are really excited about the improvements that have been made to PowerSearch with this latest version,” stated Girts Jansons, founder and CEO of PowerSearch. “We really pride ourselves in listening to the industry and delivering the options they need to make their e-discovery process run smoother. The latest features really showcase the ease-of-use and cost-effectiveness of the product. We are happy we are able to provide a product like this to this industry.”

PowerSearch uses proprietary technology to locate and search files on local drives, network repositories and Twitter feeds. In addition, the company has just announced the ability to import a text file of search parameters and to collect email messages from webmail accounts, including Yahoo!, Gmail and Hotmail. PowerSearch extracts email repositories (including live Exchange) and zipped files, indexing the content of emails and electronic documents, making them fully searchable. Search results can be saved and, if necessary, exported into current tools for further review. And, there is no charge for deploying and using the software or for searching or culling. Users only pay for final results, files they ultimately deem relevant and decide to save, by using a system of tokens purchased via credit card or PayPal at a fraction of a cent per token from the Online Token Bank.

More information on PowerSearch is available at