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Predictive coding finds ‘smoking gun’

Too many people believe predictive coding is useful only in matters with a lot of data, so it’s nice to to see it used effectively in small cases as well.

Xpriori, a  provider of ediscovery products, technology assisted review services and predictive coding for law firms and corporations, helped Silver & DeBoskey, a leading Colorado law firm, with a recent case. In the final preparation for trial, Tsenior litigation partner Thomas Haskinsfound the proverbial “smoking gun” document using an application hosted by Xpriori.

During the earlier stages of lawsuit preparation, Haskins and his team of attorneys could not locate any documents proving that inappropriate distributions had been made to a business partner – the partner who had brought suit against other partners. Representing the other partners, Haskins had assembled nearly 40,000 documents from various sources and discovery, and loaded the items into the OrcaTec Document Decisioning Suite application offered by Xpriori. Using the advanced concept search and predictive coding features of the product, a decisive document was located a few hours after starting the final content review. Once this ”smoking gun” document was found, two phone calls led to the settlement and dismissal of the case.

“I am a strong believer in Technology Assisted Review and predictive coding, even in cases with fewer than 100,000 documents,” said Haskins. “Xpriori has met my needs and produced results for many years, and we definitely saved money and time by using their products and services. The addition of the OrcaTec suite has enhanced Xpriori’s capabilities. The concept search and advanced search features were critical to the resolution of the case in question.”

Xpriori LLC is a partner of OrcaTec and value-added reseller of its OrcaTec Document Decisioning Suite. The suite includes predictive coding, concept search, clustering and other advanced ediscovery features.