bigben2Time capture specialist Rekoop has announced the completion of a comprehensive rebrand. A fresh identity, strapline, website and app suite have been unveiled this week, together with a competition to celebrate the new look. Visitors to can set themselves the task of finding all the differences lurking in resident cartoonist Dink’s cunning Spot the Difference challenge. The winner gets a chauffeured Bentley Flying Spur for the day so that’s worth five minutes of anyone’s lunch break.

CEO Phil Wedgwood explains why Rekoop has chosen to rebrand now. “This will be our fourth year and we’re at a point now in our story when we felt we wanted to announce ourselves again. Much of our work and success to date has been under the radar, deliberately so as we’ve had to earn the right to compete in the market. But here in 2014 we’re recognised as the leader in time capture innovation, we have clients all around the world including some of the leading global brands, and we have built an equal following in firms large and small as well as an emerging reputation amongst barristers.

“So it seemed like an appropriate time to step out from the shadows if you like, moving away from the traditional blues and greys of legal technology marketing to a stand out bright pink. We hope it’s also a better reflection of our style and personality, something a bit different, with a vein of warmth and humour there without being any less professional. At least people can see us coming now!”

COMMENT: Thank goodness they also got rid of the lower-case “r” in “rekoop” now Rekoop. Who did they they were – the poet ee cummings? Seriously a proper noun with a lower case first letter always looks weird when you are setting out newsletter & website pages. Oh, and here’s the link to the song in case it’s now going around your head…