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Product launch – converting mobile phone usage into £pounds

Story removed at the request of Outerin at the request of Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer.

4 replies on “Product launch – converting mobile phone usage into £pounds”

That's actually quite a neat idea… I am however a bit sceptical that it is unique enough to be a standalone product.
That kind of functionality isn't terribly hard to implement on Smartphones (inc Blackberrys) and I wouldn't be massively susprised if PMS vendors couldn't offer an equivilent but more integrated version into their own products

I wouldn't waste my time developing on a Blackberry when you can have the power of .NET Compact Framework on Windows Mobile phones. Blackberries are a Yuppie toy.
You need to learn Java to develop natively on the Blackberry unless you use something like which enables an ASP.NET app to run on a Blackberry as a web based application. BUT you cannot access the local filesystem of the Blackberry using this method.
Have a Windows Mobile device and you have ASP.NET/.NET Framework and access to the filesystem to store time data until the user is back in the office to upload the information or use a web service to send the data.

The Apple iPhone is arguably a yuppie toy but the Blackberry is mainstream, business critical technology in most large law firms. But I guess this comment is going to prompt one of those Betamax versus VHS debates where we have to balance the fact that altho Windows Mobile may be 'better' technology (the quotation marks are ironic) its the Blackberry that dominates the user market.

There is a .NET API available for the BlackBerry. Admittadly it does not deliver all of the functionality of the Java SDK but it will suffice for most applications. (Time recording, staff search, client search etc)

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