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Public want legal services online says YouGov survey

According to the results on an online poll, carried out by YouGov on behalf of Epoq Legal, over half (56%) of consumers expect good law firms to offer clients the ability to use their services online, during the next
couple of years.

The survey, using a sample of over 2,000 people, also revealed that nearly half (47%) of consumers would be more likely to choose a law firm that offered the convenience of online access to legal services and documents over one that had no online service capability. Consumers see online services as a chance to reduce their legal fees. Over two fifths (43%) agreed that they would change law firms if an alternative firm offered a reduced fee in return for the consumer providing initial details about their matter online.
The research uncovered no significant differences in attitudes between age groups, with only the over 55s being less concerned with online service delivery. Slightly more men (50%) than women (45%) said they were more likely to choose a law firm which offered online services.
Grahame Cohen, CEO of Epoq Legal said: “Our research has shown that more and more consumers are expecting legal services to be delivered online. As the internet has become an ever increasingly popular way for both consumers and businesses to access and buy a range of goods and services, the legal profession is finding it too needs to address client demand for convenient and affordable services.

See attached spreadsheet for full details of the survey results.