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Queensland firm drops Winscribe for Bighand DDS

Is it just us – or is the competition between Bighand and Winscribe in the digital dictation space becoming increasingly bitter? Here's the latest report from the battlefront…

Queensland law firm SR Wallace & Wallace has rolled out Bighand digital dictation to all its legal and support staff, in a move that sees the firm replace its current WinScribe system. The firm's managing partner Brett Johnson said “We were inspired to review our options for digital dictation when technical issues arose with WinScribe which we were unable to get resolved in a timely fashion. Being based in Mackay means we’re away from major customer service centres, so excellent remote support is essential to us. In addition to this requirement, we were looking to change to a digital dictation system that would improve the ability of our lawyers and support staff to work together with greater ease and less frustration… Everyone in the firm has already noticed improvements in their productivity since its implementation and our staff tell me it’s much better than WinScribe.”
Voya Adams, office manager at, SR Wallace & Wallace, adds “Another problem we were experiencing with WinScribe was the regular loss of dictation files which then resulted in wasted hours of searching by our IT team and on occasions the need to re-dictate lost jobs.  Bighand has solved this problem and we have not had a single file or job go missing since the implementation. In addition, because all members of staff – including solicitors – can access, retrieve and reallocate their files at any point in the document lifecycle, I’ve gained back valuable time to attend to my other office manager duties.”

What is being described as 'the big switch' from Winscribe to Bighand may be gaining real momentum. In
addition to the MacRoberts and Simpson & Marwick switches (reported in Legal Technology Insider in July) plus three US law firm
switches – Becker Poliakoff, Smith Moore Leatherwood LLP and Sorling
Northrup Hanna Cullen & Cochran
(reported in American Legal Technology Insider in September) we understand another top-100 UK firm signed up earlier this month to switch from Winscribe to Bighand.

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“regular loss of dictation files”…wow, looks like desperate times for Winscribe. 6 or 7 switches from Winscribe over to Bighand reported since July is not insignificant either.

From SR Wallace & Wallace website.
SR Wallace & Wallace is one of the largest law firms in Mackay and the Whitsundays comprising of over 16 solicitors (including 9 partners) with a total compliment of approximately 55 staff.

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