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Questions for Vodafone

Excuse the rant but here are some questions for Vodafone UK…

(1) What is the point of giving your weekend opening hours on your invoices and statements when in fact you are only open Monday to Friday?

(2) What is the point of having (a) a Troubleshooting section and (b) a Customer Service Comments section on your website when the links to both of these are defective?

(3) Unless we now have an instant matter transfer system in this country (which I've somehow missed the launch of) it might be an idea to (a) tell a customer that you are sending them a new SIM and (b) not shut down their old SIM at least 2 days before their replacement SIM could ever possibly arrive?

Apart from that, your customer service is great – although you might usefully talk to your CRM subsidiary Aspective…

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“(3) Unless we now have an instant matter transfer system in this country (which I've somehow missed the launch of)”
3E allows transfer between matters instantly

I was actually thinking more of a StarTrek-style physical matter Transporter rather than a ledger card transaction…
BTW Vodafone say the reason why they have not told anyone about the change in their opening hours, nor changed the info on the back of all their correspondence is 'because it would cost a lot of money'. So that's OK then.

Vodafone is such a delight to deal with. My average monthly bill is approx £200 but in April they sent me a bill for £4000. It took 3 months to sort out and only got resolved when I pointed a lawyer at them.

Don't even get me started…. I have had a bill for the last 6 months detailing an item that I never purchased and have to call them every time to get removed (arguing that I dont even know what it is let alone be awake at 1.40am on the Tuesday that I apparently downloaded it). They also NEVER update their CRM system as I get weekly calls from some snotty little oik who's has his volume on too loud telling me that I need to upgrade even though I did 3 months ago – maybe they need to start playing back the calls that are “recorded for training purposes” ..needless to say my dander is well and truly up too Charles!

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