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RAVN SharePoint Extend Public Webinar

Extend the possibilities of your SharePoint 2013 Search solution

Date: Thursday 30th January 2014

Time: 13.00 – 13.50pm

How can you effectively extend the scope of SharePoint 2013 and connect to applications like Worksite?
How can you minimise infrastructure costs in your SharePoint 2013 environments?
How do you make the entire knowledge corpus available across your Enterprise?

You can with RAVN’s new SharePoint Extend product.

RAVN’s SharePoint extend features include:

– Connection layer to connect SharePoint 2013 to all content in the Enterprise (including iManage Worksite)

– Massively reduced licencing, network and storage demands

– Preview of all SharePoint 2013 and non-SharePoint 2013 content, including term highlighting and navigation by document index

– Native SharePoint 2013 functionality within the preview window

– Asynchronous loading of Preview content (reduces time to preview)

– Full document level security of content and metadata

– Load balancing of indexing across all servers in a distributed environment through use of a content push model

– Management of the health and wellbeing of your SharePoint 2013 environment

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