Known for its capabilities in managing and demystifying HP-Autonomy IDOL and iManage Worksite infrastructures, Ravn Systems announces the next release of their application-level infrastructure monitoring and management solution, Manage 3.0.

Ravn Manage 3.0 further extends your ability to monitor anything in your infrastructure at any level, right through from hardware resources to specific application behaviour testing,  including for solutions such as SharePoint, Elite, SQL Server and indeed any SQL Server-based systems.

With a fresh new User Interface, component overviews, improved zoomable graphing, new customisable monitoring and more granular alerting flexibility, the popular, modular management and monitoring system provides teams with instant awareness, insight and control over mission critical business applications.

“We love it. We couldn’t live without it.”
Infrastructure Manager at a European bank

About Ravn Systems
Ravn Systems was started by industry experts and today has a combined experience of over 50 years in the Enterprise Information Management industry. We offer creative, search-based solutions based around our broad capability set. Experience tells us that most requirements have some bespoke elements where off-the-shelf products seldom do the job without some customisation and integration into your organisation.

For additional information including full release notes for Ravn Manage 3.0 please contact:
+44 (0)20 756 0000