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RBRO Solutions Releases New Whitepaper on Consolidating WorkSite Document Management System Libraries

Document management systems (“DMS”) are a staple within law firms and are now an essential component to managing and organizing the extensive documentation that law firms generate on a daily basis.  A major advantage of WorkSite is its document library structure, which is designed to facilitate collaboration and sharing across matter teams. Unfortunately, many firms aren’t able to capitalize on this benefit because of issues relating to their existing distributed library infrastructure and technology limitations.

Fortunately, law firms can address these issues and take full advantage of WorkSite by consolidating their existing libraries. RBRO’s whitepaper details the reasons for WorkSite data consolidation, how to manage the risks involved and how to successfully complete a data consolidation.

“By consolidating WorkSite libraries, firms have the opportunity to get a real handle on their content”, says John Russell, Co-CEO at RBRO Solutions. “While consolidation may seem simple in principle, there are a lot of issues that need to be addressed prior to undertaking such an initiative. Our whitepaper provides a thorough overview of the key areas that firms need to focus on prior to attempting a WorkSite consolidation effort.”

The Consolidating WorkSite Document Management System Libraries whitepaper can be downloaded here or by visiting (registration required)