Donna Payne and the PayneGroup have just published* Microsoft Word 2013 for Law Firms. This book is undoubtedly the last word (no pun intended) on what is still the primary engine of law office automation. If you are responsible for managing the Word-based wordprocessing and document production operations within a law firm or legal department, then this 550 page book is for you. (In fact, even if you are one of those heretics that doesn’t use Word, then this book will give you all the ammunition you need for avoiding the Microsoft way.)

So why read this book rather than any other guide to Microsoft Word?

gg77MuHVTwo reasons… Firstly, the authors’ track record: Donna Payne (pictured) and here team were one of the original members of the Microsoft Legal Advisory Council and, because of this, have worked with Microsoft Office and Word going right back 20 years. In fact this is their thirteenth book (starting with Word 97 for Law Firms in 1998) on Microsoft software.

Secondly, this book is specifically targetted at the Word-using requirements of the legal profession, taking into account lawyers’ constant need to create complex, lengthy documents that have unique (and sometimes court-sanctioned) formatting requirements – whereas similar books focus on the broader professional market. This is particularly evident in the Expert Tips (made by both PayneGroup writers and external commentators) that accompany the text although the Caution notes of warning are also essential reading.

The book is primarily designed for users of Microsoft Office Word 2013 for Windows however it also includes information for Office 365 users.

* Microsoft Word 2013 for Law Firms is published by Luminis Book and is available in both softcover (ISBN: 978-1-935462-88-0) and ebook (ISBN: 978-1-935462-89-7) formats. Pricing for the softcover edition is $39.95 and £25.99. It is available for pre-order on Amazon and Barnes & Noble for shipping from 1st April 2014. If you are interested in volume purchases, quantity discounts are available: email editor@luminisbooks.com. To check for udates to the text visit www.thepaynegroup.com/downloads/word2013forlawfirms/