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Reader survey finds legal IT does make you sick

Last month’s Legal Technology Insider online readers' poll asked if working in legal IT was stressful and what impact this had on your health. A massive 74% of you said ‘yes’ a job in legal IT does make for a stressful career, with 50% saying you found your jobs stressful on a daily basis. But, you are also clearly a plucky bunch, as only 15% said the stress was so bad that it had forced them to take time off work.

So which factors contribute towards this build up of stress? The most frequent reason, mentioned by 62% of those taking part in the survey, was feeling undervalued by management. Next, with 52%, was the general workload, followed by, at 46%, lack of control over the working day. Having to deal with low levels of IT literacy among users (or, as one IT director put it: the thick lawyer factor) was mentioned by 40% of respondents. This was closely followed by the long hours, cited by 38% of you. Then, in joint last place with 30% each, were deadline pressures and – somewhat surprisingly as law firms and legal IT suppliers are not renown for their largesse – low pay.

This month’s survey – what we did on our holidays – is on the lighter subject of how readers will be spending the long vacation period. Chilling out or taking the laptop to the beach! You can access the survey form from the top righthand of the Insider website home page – all responses are anonymous.