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ReadySuite announces 30% discount on ediscovery & litigation support software in December

Compiled Services, developers of the litigation support and ediscovery software ReadySuite, today announced it will be offering a 30% discount on ReadySuit, and ReadySuite + OCR until December 31, 2012. The software can be downloaded at – users can apply the coupon code DEC2012 at checkout to receive the discount.

ReadySuite will be priced at $825.96 through the end of December. It is a bundled suite of specialized litigation software for handling various document-related tasks. The software includes modules for reviewing, validating, merging, and manipulating load files, converting among multiple image formats such as TIFF and PDF, applying or removing endorsements from image sets, generating searchable text and PDF files using OCR, and batch printing image sets to high capacity printers.

ReadySuite + OCR will be priced at $1105.96 through 2012. This software offers the same features of ReadySuite, and gives users the ability to create searchable text and PDF files using one of two OCR engines.

A free 14-day trial of ReadySuite can be downloaded at