Further signs that the UK economy may be heading into a double-dip recession. After mentioning on Friday that we had a senior/experienced legal sales person looking for a new job, the Orange Rag office has been approached by more sales-staff over the weekend. All are in the same boat: wanting to jump before they are pushed by their current suppliers in the next round of economising.

We've already seen a number of law firms – small, medium and at least one very large practice – wielding the knife with fresh job-cuts at the end of last year/early this year, and now it looks as if it is spreading to legal IT suppliers. Well, at least some IT suppliers – typically those who lived off their reserves last year and now are facing the prospect of another year of empty order-books. On the other hand, last Friday's note immediately prompted a response from three different vendors who are actively looking to recruit staff to deal with the growing demand for their company's products and services. So, perhaps the impact of the recession is not endemic but merely life-threatening to suppliers with already failing health?

For the record, the Orange Rag is not a recruitment agency and is not charging any fees for the introductions we've been making – it's just another free service to our readers.