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Recessionary Tales

More recession related stories to depress everyone at the start of a new week…

#1 – Last week we were asked by a well-known legal recruitment agency to remove all their job postings from the Insider website. This was confusing as they had only submitted their last batch of job postings a couple of days previously so we asked them why? After much ducking and diving they eventually 'fessed up that their legal IT recruitment specialist had left the company and they “no longer had a technology jobs department”.
• In a related development, we were amused to see in The Times at the weekend that Nokia as avoided all the nastiness associated sackings, layoffs and redundancies by introducing a new euphemism to describe the process, namely: “synergy related headcount restructuring”.

# 2 – The US law management consultancy Hildebrandt has published a new white paper on the rather grim topic of The Anatomy of Law Firm Failures – see attached PDF