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Recommind adds e-discovery to MindServer

Recommind has announced details of the next generation of its flagship MindServer platform. Called MindServer 5.0, it features new e-discovery functionality that enables firms to quickly and easily locate electronically stored information (ESI) that must be preserved for ongoing or anticipated litigation. In addition, MindServer 5.0 makes it easier for OEM partners and independent software vendors to embed MindServer enterprise search and categorization capabilities within their products and provide customers with richer capabilities for searching and managing critical information.

“With this latest release of MindServer, Recommind delivers strategic litigation hold functionality, in addition to far simpler OEM integration and improved indexing and querying performance,” said Robert Tennant, CEO of Recommind.  “MindServer 5.0’s e-discovery capabilities support the ESI identification, preservation and collection needs of corporate legal departments, enabling us to deliver even greater value to our enterprise customers. Furthermore, the ability to simplify integration with other leading information management solutions allows us to strengthen our relationships with OEMs and technology partners and thereby better meet our mutual customers’ needs with a wider range of complementary solution sets.”

“The ability to find and preserve potentially discoverable documents is critical to all of our enterprise clients,” said Browning Marean, partner at DLA Piper US. “Recent revisions to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) specifically address electronically stored information (ESI), what it is and how it must be produced during litigation. Before large enterprises can even attempt to produce such information, however, they must identify and preserve it, which can be extremely difficult and time- consuming under the best of circumstances. The litigation hold feature in MindServer 5.0 is an elegant solution to this vexing problem.”

The latest version of the MindServer platform also allows Recommind to be exceptionally “partner-friendly.” The platform’s improved APIs enable knowledge and content management, email archiving, and e-discovery system vendors to incorporate Recommind’s industry-leading enterprise search functionality into their products, thereby supporting a greatly enhanced platform with highly differentiated search capabilities. MindServer 5.0 also incorporates significant improvements to search relevancy and ease of use, delivers even faster query performance, simplifies integration with Microsoft SharePoint Portal and other existing systems, and provides enhanced reporting capabilities. MindServer 5.0 makes its public debut at LegalTech New York later this month.