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Recommind also in Gartner ediscovery magic quadrant

Recommind, a provider predictive information management and analysis software, today announced that it has been positioned in the Leaders Quadrant of Gartner’s 2012 report Magic Quadrant for E-Discovery Software.

According to the Magic Quadrant for E-Discovery Software “As practitioners become more sophisticated, they are demanding that the data change hands as few times as possible. They see this as a way to reduce both costs and risks. This is a continuation of a trend we saw developing last year, but it has risen dramatically in importance, as evidenced both by inquiries from Gartner clients and as reported by the vendors themselves, as the priorities of their customers and prospects.”

The report also states, “The underlying driver is the same for all: digital data growth is explosive and digital data is the stuff of business and business disputes. National and international legal and regulatory systems depend on digital information to function and they must have software to assist them, due to the volume, variety, velocity and complexity of the information they have to deal with.” Gartner also recognizes, “The goal of controlling the end of the content life cycle, however, was often not realized. E-discovery has proved to be a huge motivation for companies to rethink their information management policies. The problem of determining what is relevant from a mass of information will not be solved quickly, but with a clear business driver (e-discovery) and an undeniable return on investment (deleting data that is no longer required for legal or business purposes can save millions of dollars in storage costs) there is hope for the future.”