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Recommind comment on latest Autonomy/iManage/IUS story

Under the heading “Autonomy attempts to capture the legal space again – Recommind comments” Recommind has just put out the following comment on yesterday's Autonomy announcement…

“Following Autonomy’s launch yesterday of its Expertise Location module for its iManage Universal Search (IUS) Solution for law firms, Craig Carpenter, VP general counsel at Recommind, has made the following comment:

“The need to locate expertise in large corporations and professional service firms has long been a challenge which has a significant effect on productivity.  However, this is in no way a new problem and has affected the legal and other data intensive industries for years.  For example, a large number of leading global law firms, such as Field Fisher Waterhouse and Watson Farley & Williams in the UK, have already been using these systems to tap into their most valuable resource – their people.  

“Autonomy continues to try and woo the legal sector under the Interwoven brand, but these firms need assurance that their technology partners are experienced in the sector, knowledgeable of their specific needs and priorities, and committed to them for years to come.  A one-size-fits-all approach simply does not work in the legal space.  And, while the requirement to rapidly pinpoint expertise is essential, law firms need assurance that this data is fully secure, accessible by only authorised personnel, and accurate – a system that returns the wrong results has the potential to do much greater harm than good.  In the legal sector this is particularly true and these firms need to know that any solutions they invest in, are based on proven, state of the art technology.”