Recommind has launched a new analytics and visualization product called Hypergraph for discovering patterns and relationships in unstructured information flows including email, voicemail, instant messages and social media. Unlike legacy visualization tools, Hypergraph provides big data scalability and fully integrated read/write capability so that users can take action from within the visual environment.

Hypergraph Screenshot - Appoved for media

Built on Recommind’s CORE platform, Hypergraph uses machine learning, graph analysis and advanced visualization to identify hidden connections between people, documents, messages, timelines, conceptual topics and more. By presenting these elements graphically, it reveals relationships and patterns of behavior that would be hard to detect or might even go unnoticed with traditional tools for analytics and visualization.

When organizations produce documents for litigation, respond to regulatory requests or conduct internal investigations, they often need to determine who has been communicating with whom, how the parties relate to one another, how often they communicated and when. Understanding these relationships involves mining vast amounts of data contained in email, voicemail, instant messaging and social media. This has traditionally been an expensive, time-consuming and error-prone process that requires several analysts and data systems to see patterns emerging from different sources of information.

Hypergraph is designed for anyone in an organization who needs to find patterns in unstructured information. The office of the General Counsel might use it during eDiscovery to detect telltale patterns of communication; the Chief Information Security Officer or Head of HR to investigate employee misconduct; and the Chief Compliance Officer to provide quick, thorough responses to regulatory requests.

Hypergraph’s visual interface enables key stakeholders, including non-technical users, to experiment with hypotheses, grasp the big picture at a glance and drill into the details—for example by tagging specific communications for further review—all within one integrated visual analytics solution.

Hypergraph is available now as part of Recommind’s Axcelerate On-Demand, a cloud-based solution for eDiscovery document review and analysis. Axcelerate On-Demand is a holistic cloud-based document review service that provides unparalleled value and innovation with its conceptual analytics, machine learning and court-approved predictive coding.

“To solve the problem of information overload, we need to rethink data analytics from top to bottom,” said Recommind CEO Bob Tennant. “Unstructured data represents the great majority of the information universe, and it’s by far the hardest to analyze. Data visualization in combination with data mining can produce insight that would be hard to achieve any other way. To make a significant impact, visualization has to be massively scalable, highly automated and simple to use. Hypergraph is the first solution that has it all.”

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