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Recommind launches new version of Decisiv Search – tackling the cloud

Recommind today announced the availability of Decisiv Search 7.1, the latest version of its flagship enterprise search product. This version of Decisiv Search adds a framework for connecting to cloud-based services and includes a connector for Google Docs. The new framework allows for rapid development of Decisiv Search connectors to information stored in the cloud, whether in Google Docs, DropBox, or any other number of cloud-based services. Decisiv Search customers can now easily access information in the cloud from one secure universal search application, retrieving relevant information from multiple internal and external data sources at once.  This improves their ability to leverage and track enterprise data and reduces the risk of losing critical information when employees leave.

“Cloud storage has changed the way companies need to think about information risk,” said Nick Patience, Research Director, Information Management at 451 Group. “They can’t assume that documents created by employees will remain available on the corporate server.  More and more people are storing vital information in the cloud, where colleagues, and even IT staff, may not realize it exists. Enterprises need to adapt to this new state of affairs, and so need an effective way to bring critical information to light whether it’s stored in the cloud or on premise.”

Built on Recommind's CORE platform (Context Optimized Relevancy Engine), Decisiv Search 7.1 also provides:
•    Advanced document rendering for improved Word document previews with active hyperlinks
•    New dynamic page views so that users can read through documents without having to scroll page by page
•    Real-time SmartFilters to increase the speed with which users can view, filter and pinpoint the information they require.

“Cloud storage poses significant challenges for organizations seeking to better manage and track their information.”” said Derek Schueren, GM, Information Access & Governance at Recommind. “Decisiv Search 7.1 enables them to stay nimble and competitive by using cloud technology while enjoying all the benefits of our industry-leading enterprise search. They can adopt cloud-based services with confidence, knowing that with Decisiv Search they can find relevant information outside the firewall as easily and accurately as they can behind it, from one powerful, unified search application.”