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Redaction now available from Workshare

Workshare has just announced the availability of the Workshare Protect 6.2 SR2 Release Candidate. Besides improved quality and a 50% reduction in the size of the
installation package, there are a few new features being introduced:

• Permanently Remove Sensitive Information (aka Document Redaction)
you can redact (black out) selected content in Microsoft Word (DOC and
DOCX) documents so that it is no longer discernible. Use document
redaction tools to black out sensitive information and permanently
delete the content from your document. Document redaction will replace
your text with “pipes” (||||||) on a black background. Redaction is designed to permanently remove content within a
document and to put an indicator in its place showing a redaction
occurred. By including document redaction Workshare customers will have
one more tool to remove and protect sensitive information before
distributing documents outside their organization.

• Metadata Discovery in Password-Protected Documents
Password-protected documents that contain metadata now prompt you to clean in order to prevent future discovery of metadata.

• Previewing Cleaned Attachments & PDF Conversions
cleaning email attachments, or converting them to PDF, you can now
preview the cleaned attachment or the PDF before sending your email.